Site under Construction


We are delighted to welcome you into the world of Byron &

Apologies for our appearance right now while our new website is currently under construction.

Our new website is taking us back to our roots in many ways and
bringing all of the collections and products together in one place.

Over the years we have listened to your feedback and we hope that by having all of what we offer catalogued together it will make our website easier to navigate to find what you may need.

We are proud to be a British manufacturer and our ethos remains
clear, that we will continue to produce the finished product on
home soil. All of our products are designed here in London
and the products are finished here, by hand by our own skilled craftspeople.

Until our website is ready to go, please find us on social media at the links above, click here to view our brochure as a PDF, or send an email to and we will be more than happy to help you out!