An innovative and unique collection inspired by the organic aging process of wood. Six finials are available in the collection in 8 natural finishes. For a rustic edge, we have designed Saltash, which is bound by rope for an earthy effect. Each piece is hand-crafted, finely finished by experienced craftsmen and produced using the finest timbers. All here in Britain.

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A stunning collection of rustic wooden poles, in a palette of oak finishes. Inspired by English country cottages.
The traditional detailing of the poles emphasises the warm and elegant tones of the finishes, accentuating the natural grooves of the wood. English oak is crafted from a solid oak timber with Limed Oak, Burnt Oak, Toasted Oak and Smoked Oak created using ash timber for a contemporary oak finish.



A collection of finials, poles and accessories in designs of past grandeur. Finial designs are inspired by the Victorian modern Gothic era, presented with a twist of modern style. Creating an elegant, timeless and magnificent addition to any interior.

All hand finished, here in the UK.


Floral Romantics

The Floral Collection shown in ‘Romantics’ offers vintage classic designs with a selection of contemporary finishes. Inspired by the natural forms and curves in flowers, floral romantics add a touch of elegance. All hand finished, here in the UK


Floral Neons

The floral collection, available in Neons. This collection is an exciting and bold burst of colour, creating a powerful statement by using striking finishes.
Inspired by the bright, solid colours seen in pop art, the three dimensional flower designs are translated into a fresh and powerful look. Now available in 11 vibrant finishes, including the latest tones; Navy, Aubergine and Matt White.


Halo Acrylic

The originial, classic Halo collection. A range of contemporary acrylic finials and poles featuring chrome, copper or warm burnished brass accents designed to highlight the modern lines. Select either solid or hollow acrylic poles to expand your creativity. This collection is a simple, yet stunning solution to any interior.


Halo Gloss (new!)

Clean, sleek and bold, Halo Gloss offers a palette of 12 richly painted shades with a high gloss finish. The addition of 3 possible polished metal accent colors allows for 36 unique color combinations for window hardware that can pack a punch in any room setting.
With color options that stretch from Lipstick to Azure and neutrals that range from warm to cool, Halo Gloss offers a versatile selection of hues that can be combined with acrylic to enhance the bold, contemporary design.


Halo Wood (new!)

Halo Washed Wood offers an organic, natural warmth and texture juxtaposed to the contemporary lines of today’s design.
Using the same clean lines of the Halo Acrylic finials, the 5 Washed Wood finishes offer a unique effect when tied to the metal accents in brackets and bases. Add an acrylic pole to accentuate the contemporary aesthetic.


Aqua Pelmets

Historically know as ‘Cornice Boards’, these window treatments were first designed to frame the window, disguising fixtures. Our decorative pelmets have been created not only for function, but for style too.

Available in a range of styles and hand finished, this collection boasts both contemporary and classic designs.



Designed to get noticed a new breed of window treatments that are a cross between your typical curtain poles and pelmets. Available in larger sizes with an enhanced gliding system, they allow to hang heavy curtains.

One of the main challenges of contemporary homes is that little or no wall space is allowed between the top of the window and the ceiling. Where a limited amount of space has been afforded, a polmet can offer the perfect solution, allowing for a range of window treatments, both modern and traditional.


Byron & Byron Classic Collections

The Classic Wood collection is composed of sleek organic forms. Designed to compliment your interiors and give an elegant finishing touch to your window dressing. For a more Opulent edge, please see our Decorative Classics collection.

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Holdbacks & Accessories

We have a range of stunning hand finished holdbacks and brackets in a range of beautiful finishes. From classic, clean cut forms to decorative and extravagant details, to provide the finishing touches to your interiors.

If you can’t find anything that suits your needs, please contact us and we can tailor our brackets and holdbacks to your requirements.