About us

Who We Are

Byron & Byron create and supply a variety of hand-crafted and traditionally finished curtain poles and accessories and was created in 1984 to supply a demand of the rapidly growing interior design sector of 1980’s Britain.
The company was founded by a then, young Italian Orazio Gualtieri, his passion for traditional craftsmanship and design pushed Byron & Byron to stand out against the crowd.

The decade of energy and opportunity in 1980’s London allowed the youthful entrepreneur to marry his knowledge of design and traditional wood finishing techniques to produce a small range of classically decorative curtain poles and accessories.

Our ideology of Byron & Byron has been fundamental from the start; to have control over the whole process of the design. From conception, to prototypes, to the final manufacturing of each component. The luxury of having an on-site workshop allowed Orazio to be experimental and creative with finishes, responding quickly to growing trends and fast paced changes in colour and design.

The ability to immediately tackle problems and develop innovative ideas over the years is unique to Byron & Byron. The cutting edge design of our wooden bay poles and decorative polmets are prime examples of this and we strive to lead the market with our attention to detail and continued focus on the design.

What We Do

Over 30 years later and Byron & Byron are still producing curtain poles, finials and accessories. With growing demand, production has become increasingly sophisticated but the focus still has a high reliance on the skill and attention of a talented team of gilders and craftsmen. With successful designs now the product of experience and expertise, we have grown from a small Islington workshop to a production plant in North London.

However, our core values remain unchanged, a passion for the product, a love of flamboyance and a determination to provide elegant and fitting solutions for both traditional and modern window treatments.

We are proud to be a British manufacturer and whilst timber is sourced from outside the U.K., the process of creating the product from concept to crafting the final piece is all done on home soil.

On our latest website, we wanted to celebrate our wonderful and valued clients. With lifestyle shots through-out having been kindly provided by a small selection of talented designers and makers that we supply. The details of all designers who contributed can be found at the back of our brochure.

Behind The Brand

Orazio Gualtieri, CEO

With over 35 years experience in design and manufacture, Orazio retains the passion for producing products from wood. His love for working with timber has led him to create and continue to create innovative and beautiful pieces. The love of his creations is the magic behind every item that we design . An innovative and visionary thinker; he pushes Byron & Byron on its continued mission to produce the most beautiful products for the home, with a firm focus on functionally and techincal solutions.

Lorena Diomidous, Sales Director

Lorena joined the business in 1999 stemming from a Business & Marketing background. She became a Director in 2009. Together with Orazio they run the day to day operation, which continues to go from strength to strength. Lorena brings a commercial eye and a passion for exceptional service and dealing with people. With a flair for creativity, allowing for continued development and growth in the top end retail sector and the core bespoke market in the UK & globally.

We would also like to thank our hard-working staff made up of craftsmen, wood turners, finishers, painters and general staff in production. Huge thanks to all the office staff in all departments and to every member of staff for being part of the Byron & Byron story.

The Environment

We are aware of our social and environmental duties and are conscious of the mileage that our raw materials travel to get to us. Most of what we supply is sourced from within the EU, aside from components that cannot be bought locally.

Our carbon footprint is rendered smaller still by producing 50% of our own electricity by means of solar panels installed on our factory roof. In the winter months our factory is heated by recycling our own wood shavings or by using biomass fuels. This reduces further our consumption of the Earth’s resources. We are also working towards all timber being FSC Certified.

Rest assured that here at Byron & Byron we are very aware that the planet is on loan to us for future generations. Whilst we produce products that come from natural sources, we ensure they are fully sustainable. We do our utmost to ensure we protect the environment and the world in which we live.